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AH Cunningham & Associates

Accounts Receivable



We joint venture with a premier provider who specializes in the collection of delinquent accounts and bad debts.


They do it a lot differently than any other company in the country, in that they give guaranteed results to users, where an unusually low, one time fixed fee of typically less than 10%, will collect any account on your books, regardless of age, size or debtor's location anywhere in the country as they are nationwide.


When you submit an account to them they do all the work and the money can be paid directly to you, and if the debtor won't pay, at your discretion and our providers company's expense, they take them to court, now, at times that can be firm, but its why they get results.


Their recovery rates are more than twice the national average.


They have collected 100's of millions of dollars for over 25,000 clients.


Select systems come with their 400% ROI moneyback guarantee.

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