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AH Cunningham & Associates

As they say, "Cash is King", right?

One of the biggest reasons for business failure is not having enough cash to run and grow the business. Knowing this, perhaps you have tried to raise cash but find others may be too skeptical of your plans. Does this sound familiar?

There is nothing more frustrating as an owner to know that your business needs cash to sustain or grow and you have a tough time raising it.

CA can help you put your story together in the form that bankers and investors can understand. We can also be there with you as we present our story. It may be as simple as a re-financing with the local bank or as complicated as raising venture capital, or somewhere in between.

CA manages cash:

  • We make payment decisions with owner's knowledge and approval
  • We prepare day-to-day, week-to-week receipt and disbursement plans
  • We implement payment moratoriums with vendors, when necessary
  • We secure financing and better financing terms
  • We manage Accounts Receivable


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