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AH Cunningham & Associates

It is well understood that, from where you sit as business owner, your job is one of the toughest and loneliest jobs in business. A Core Competency for leaders and all successful people is the ability to examine the effects of their decisions, relationships, and behaviors. Developing the skills for truthful inquiry, reflection, and analysis is the key to better understanding themselves, and inspiring others.

Most owners, and the organizations they are part of, are victims of the culture and carefully crafted perceptions within, this promotes tunnel vision and less productive, less innovative decision making. We promote unvarnished candor, helping people find the courage to make changes and to step up into their talents and be accountable.

Although you have great employees, you're never quite sure that you are getting ALL of the story. Outside of work, it's hard to find others who truly understand what you are going through. CA can be that one unbiased resource to tell you how it really is in your business.

It also helps to have someone who has stepped through the "mine field" already and has access to further experts as needed. In this way, CA is a mentor for your business, available when you need us.

Nobody is as smart as everybody and CA is there to make you justify your perceptions, bounce ideas off of or simply to help you implement business solutions to realize your expectations for the business and do it reasonably and effectively.

·        gain perspective

·        communicate more effectively

·        become a better leader

·        succeed at what you are committed to accomplishing


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