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Franchise Development and Implementation

Franchise Development and Implementation Services

Not having the staff in place for franchise development and implementation of all the diverse needs for creating a new franchise organization is why many new franchisors fail to reach their goals; not due to the business product or service concept itself.

Most new franchisors find themselves with many needs. And most of these needs involve people. They need someone to handle franchise marketing, ad placement, franchise sales, and ad tracking. Someone to train and support franchisees. Someone to manage the advertising fund. A public relations pro? Someone to ensure quality control. Someone to coach staff in the nuances of franchise sales.

Unfortunately, these new franchisors often can’t afford to hire the full-time people necessary to develop and implement these diverse needs. So instead, they will hire one person with expertise in one area and hope that one person can somehow learn the things he or she does not know. Or worse still, they try to do it all themselves — often neglecting the core business in the process.

Now these franchisors have an alternative. Outsourced franchise development and implementation services provided by FranCnsult can be purchased in increments, and do not involve hiring a full-time person. Need help qualifying prospective franchisees, but it’s only a 40-hour-per-month job? A professional salesperson at FranCnsult can handle your incoming calls and schedule your sales meetings based on your requirements. Need help with your sales staff? FranCnsult’s sales consultants can work with your people on an as-needed basis — allowing you to have a top-flight sales professional “running” your franchise sales department without having to pay the salary such a full time professional would command.

FRANCHISE DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL. If the decision to franchise a business is made, a franchisor must have developed Franchise Disclosure Documents, a Franchise Agreement, Operating and Training Manuals, and other deliverables. A franchisor needs certain new capabilities and will need to be sure that these capabilities are seamlessly integrated into existing organizational functionality.

FranCnsult, LLC, its Franchise Consultants, Affiliate Consultants, and Associate Vendors are able to advise, develop, and deploy any franchise concept in the United States, Canada, and many other international destinations.  We will provide those Optional services as requested “ala carte” once we determine they are needed.  Of course you are always free to outsource Optional items to any consulting group, provided during the term of our Franchise Development Agreement they operate in a subordinate role to FranCnsult, LLC as the Project Lead.

FranCnsult, LLC and one or more of our Affiliate Consultants will assist you in the development of Home Office Procedures for ensuring FTC compliance with the offer of a franchise in the United States.

FRANCHISE OPERATIONS MANUALS & TRAINING PROGRAMS. To ensure successful franchisees and maintain quality control, the franchisor will need to develop their operations manual for its franchisees. This manual will serve as a sales tool demonstrating franchisor competence to new prospects, as a training guide for new franchisees, as a reference guide for established franchisees, as a “liability limiter” for the franchisor, and as a legally binding quality control device for the entire franchise family.

The franchisor should also develop training programs for use in conjunction with the operations manual. Computer-based tools and programs are highly effective, as are training videos, and can be used for the franchisee, for the franchisee’s employees, and for corporate employees.

LEGAL DOCUMENTS. To be legally entitled to sell franchises, the franchisor will need guidance on developing a franchise agreement and a FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), and will need to file with appropriate state authorities on a national basis (23 states have such requirements). The franchisor will also need to maintain ongoing compliance (keeping registrations in force while actively selling) and will need to be able to document compliance with state and federal law on an ongoing basis. These legal requirements are relatively easily met through the use of an attorney with substantial franchise experience. (Companies seriously considering franchising are well advised to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable franchise professional prior to initiating any franchise efforts.

FRANCHISE SALES & MARKETING AGREEMENT. Of course, the new company will also need to sell franchises. This will require a specific marketing plan designed to get the franchisor’s message to the targeted franchise prospect.

FRANCHISE MARKETING TOOLS. Once the prospect has been identified, the franchisor will also require marketing tools to assist it in the sale of franchises. For aggressive sales campaigns, FranCnsult would recommend the development of a number of collaterals including a full-size franchise sales brochure, one or more franchise sales videos, landing pages, and a franchise sales specific web site. A broker network will need to be developed and trained via webinars.

FRANCHISE SALES TRAINING. And of course, the franchisor will need to understand the nuances of the sales process and the legal constraints of franchise sales.

RESULTS. The tools necessary for franchising a business can normally be developed in approximately three months from the completion of the implementation plan, although state registrations may delay a company’s ability to sell in certain states for several months. Altogether, a new franchisor can anticipate that the franchise program should take between six months and a year to fully implement. Franchisee growth would be expected to accelerate in both the second and third years of franchise operations. The cost of a well-designed program varies substantially, depending on the strategy chosen and the desired speed of expansion.

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