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AH Cunningham & Associates
How We Work

Our Comprehensive Business Analysis (CBA):


  • 50-75 hours of professional on-site business analysis 
  • Comprehensive assessment of the financial performance of your business
  • Experienced peer as unbiased confidential resource to bounce ideas and/or concerns 
  • Confidential employee questionnaires
  • Thorough review of the organizational and operational strengths, weaknesses,  opportunities, and threats of the business
  • How the problems are affecting your business, how much those problems are costing, changes necessary to maximize cash and PROFITS 
  • Our CBA is offered at a 48% to 60% introductory discounted fee value

What our analysis gives you:


The opportunity to have frank confidential discussions regarding problems, concerns, opportunities or emerging ideas. An overview of our recommendations and solutions which identify measurable costs, savings and profit improvements that when implemented in real-time can generate profit improvement. Feedback regarding strategic planning, growth, and/or exit strategies.


Comparative review of your business performance versus peer businesses performing in the top twenty-five percent.


Focus and direction for moving forward.

Our Engagements:

Implementing change to increase PROFIT is the first step to guaranteeing sustained PROFITS and growth. Our program ensures that owners remain committed to achieving all the profits they deserve, and that their organization stays on track to achieve those PROFITS.


After the opening weeks and throughout the engagement we meet with the owner to review progress. These planning sessions allow us to maintain a focused strategy and evaluate the program accomplishments and areas of weakness.


We will typically spend from 2 to 4 days a month on-site at the business, monitor the results of the implemented programs, and provide adjustments and advice to ensure that the owner realizes sustainable PROFITS and cash flow.


Because we are committed to your success, we work directly with owners for at least one year to eighteen months during the initial phase to ensure that PROFITS are realized, and any program modifications necessary to achieve those PROFITS are identified and implemented in a timely manner. We help owners stay on track during the engagement, and achieve sustainable growth after the engagement.

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