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AH Cunningham & Associates
Human Resources

Your people ARE your most important asset. By the way, that includes YOU, the business owner.

That being the case, your company's overall near-term health and long-term outlook may very well depend on your people. Your people need to be challenged and in the right job. They need to know how their job fits into the overall scheme of things and how THEY make an impact in the business.

If they are not clear on where you are going with the company, they can't help to get you where you want to go. They also need to be fairly compensated, trained, and have something to look forward to.

CA has years of experience developing teams, organizational structures, assessing skills, and reviewing compensation levels. Don't underestimate the needs of yourself or of your employees - this asset is the lifeblood of your business.

CA implements "pay for performance" programs:

  • We establish standards of performance by job position with profit-oriented goals
  • We develop incentive compensation plans where incentives are paid on increased profits
  • We implement controls to ensure that employees are accountable, both operationally and financially for the profitability of the company


CA hires, trains and fires personnel with owner approval:

  • We work with owners, and personnel at all levels to coach and promote changes across the organization
  • We hire and place personnel at all levels as necessary
  • We train and initially direct personnel at all levels
  • We fire non-productive personnel from staff positions at all levels, including Vice President, General Manager, Controller and Sales Manager


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