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AH Cunningham & Associates
Liquidity Options

We offer an alternative to traditional funding based on assets and not on debt with strategies to help businesses improve their balance sheets with the addition of assets. We provide the needed capital resource partners to empower and grow client businesses that have existing assets and established cash flow. In addition, these proven methods protect the investors that invest in the business and as a result risk goes down through the use of derivatives.  Therefore, it becomes much easier to attract new investors simply because the risk is low and the speculation is diminished.

Using proven legal methods of tax reduction on the income earned from business activities we show management how to grow from a position of strength using assets instead of the weakness which comes from dependence on debt instruments.

Our strategies are bold yet conservative, and are very effective in current challenging and demanding economic times. Our strategies have consistently created wealth throughout history and have always proven to return profit to the stakeholders.

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