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AH Cunningham & Associates

Not enough sales? Does the competition seem to know something you don't? Do you wonder if you should start to advertise or, perhaps, advertise in a different way or a different market?

CA can help you decide what to do when it comes to the sales and marketing arena. It is six times more expensive to develop new customers than it is to sell to current customers. It may be as simple as selling more products to your existing customer base.

Competitive intelligence is an activity that should precede any marketing or advertising and should be an ongoing task, even in small businesses. This activity involves the gathering and interpretation of meaningful data to better understand your place in the industry. Knowing this, you will be able to make profitable decisions for your business.

  • We can assist in the development and administration of a Sales Strategy, timelines and benchmarks 
  • We will develop Marketing and Sales Plans, hire and train personnel for sales, marketing and telemarketing positions
  • We implement manpower planning and utilization systems and outsourcing alternatives


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