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AH Cunningham & Associates
Family Business


We have worked extensively with family businesses who have represented a majority of our clients.


We have seen many businesses struggle to survive into the second and third generations and many founders forced to put off retirement indefinitely.


We have also seen business issues drive apart families and family issues bring down businesses.


We believe that removing family issues from the workplace can not only improve both your professional and family life; it can also help you achieve the goals that you set for your company.




We ask and answer the tough questions such as:

1. Is the patriarch spending enough time minding the business?

2. Are you putting profits first, family second?

3. Are non-family members unmotivated due to a perceived favoritism among family?

4. Do personal battles dominate the workday creating a hostile environment?

5. Are there too many family members on the payroll?

6. Are family members hired for positions they are not qualified for, simply because they are family?


7. Is there a viable and fundable exit strategy?


All of these issues can affect your ability to make a profit. To find the answers, we take an objective look at all aspects of your business and implement the changes that will turn your business around and improve profitability.


Addressing these issues can be vital to a family business' success and can help strike the balance between emphasizing the company as a family versus the family running the company.



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