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AH Cunningham & Associates

Who We Are

AH Cunningham & Associates, LLC (CA) with offices in Lexington, Kentucky and Fort Lauderdale, Fl is a firm dedicated to owners of small and medium-sized businesses, franchise owners, and franchisors their transactions and expectations for their business. It's just that simple. If the reality of where you are today in your business matches your expectation for the business, there is little CA can do to make it any better.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an exit strategy and/or liquidity, acquiring a business or franchise, or own a business that has concerns about lagging profits, being undercapitalized, growth decisions (such as buying a another business or franchise and/or franchising your business), divesting, or a multitude of other business challenges, then consulting with CA can help you get off to a good start or get things back on track to compete effectively and more profitably. Further, we maximize value!

At CA we specialize in helping small to midsize middle market companies to expand their business and find new creative ways to finance their growth. We focus on well established companies seeking liquidity or a long term exit strategy that are revenue producing, low to debt free, and have a stable experienced management team in place to provide consistent business growth and leadership.

As advisors and analysts on a global basis, we identify niche companies or projects for merger and acquisition that have additional profit potential, that desire to take their business to the next level, and are committed to our concept of assets vs. debt.

As financial intermediaries we do not seek to acquire and replace management, rather we encourage management to grow their proven business culture and hire more like-minded employees if needed. We will help them grow "their" business while structuring liquidity events for equity positions.

We specialize in the lower middle market and in middle market transactions.

Alex H. Cunningham is the founding principal of CA and has over 35 years broad based experience in running companies, executive coaching, evaluating opportunities, strategic planning, structuring corporate turnarounds, and solving financial & organizational issues with businesses of all sizes. Most recently, Mr. Cunningham was President and Managing Partner of Profit Management Consulting, Inc., a medium-sized national consulting firm with over 1000 client companies representing revenues in excess $3 billion.

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