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AH Cunningham & Associates

Turnarounds are the ultimate test of crisis management. In most cases, the stakes are very high and the company and its key employees are forced to quickly navigate change. We focus on transforming troubled companies into healthy viable businesses. We also work as Trustee or Receivor providing interim management and asset disposition.


We recognize that dire situations require immediate and definitive action. We quickly size-up the situation and issues, bring people together and refocus the business on the key issues to stop the downward spiral. Our emphasis is on getting quick, measurable results by working closely with all the stakeholders.


We provide a seasoned and objective decision making process to:


  • INCREASE cash flow and REDUCE bank borrowings
  • ESTABLISH cash management plans
  • REEVALUATE business plans
  • COMMUNICATE changes to ownership and senior management
  • OPERATE to short-term goals
  • INFLUENCE and IMPLEMENT long-term strategies for sustained growth in profits and revenues

Our style is to work hands-on with management and its staff to analyze the situation, make decisions, and implement changes. It is our goal to build skills, commitment and consensus, enhance management control, and increase the likelihood of a successful turnaround.


At CA, we maximize commercial loan recovery for our clients. We know how to quickly develop opportunities to drive an asset's upside potential, which leads to faster and greater recovery for our clients. 


CA solves problems and finds opportunities.  We know what a good operation looks like and after consulting for over a thousand companies, we have identified and corrected nearly every kind of business problem. 


We select the right personnel resources and expertise to each asset and market.  Every company is unique in its challenges, benefits and selling points.   From our nationwide network of resources, we select an appropriate team of experts to match each company's challenges. 


By putting a team of experts in place fast, we are able to provide insights into the real financial situation quickly and thoroughly.  This empowers you to make informed, intelligent decisions, to set expectations and benchmarks, and to rapidly move forward to maximize recovery.


Our primary objective at CA is to optimize your loan recovery by combining our Receivership/Trustee, Management and Disposition Services. We keep the Receivership in control of the assets, maximize the assets' operating results, and speed the recovery by quickly moving to sell the asset during the receivership/bankruptcy period.


CA combines Receivership/Trustee, Management and Disposition services under one roof. We obtain fast permission to get the assets sold quickly and profitably.





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